Kamran Company has a permanent and long-term activity and fortunately big progress in different affairs of advertising and print fields, from 1995 has started its activity with designing Today Iran book (Irane Emrouz ) and distributed in the country as an official agent of that corporation in Tehran and simultaneously, it has worked on advertising field since 1996 with the name of Yazd Paya through obtained permission by Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance. Then, since 2008 so far has kept on its activity by changing title name through the license permission and in 2012 got succeed in receiving business Guild Affairs Assemblies, now it is improved and made a big progress in different branches of design and print industry by 2 decades experience in this case.

Kamran advertising services

  • Advice on all advertising affairs, print and packaging
  • Logo designing, packaging and replicating accordance with the all technical affairs and updated methods
  • Design and printing all types of labels, brochures, catalog, carton, box
  • Design, print and producing advertising gifts
  • Advertising text edition, menu and motto provider compatible with companies field of business and making the best choice for trade brand in all business fields
  • Design and printing various types of nylons in micron(1-7layers) for food, medicinal, healthy, cosmetics, industrial and agricultural packaging
  • Provide and distributing different types of carton and cardboard pockets for fast foods ( cool and prepared)
  • Provide and distribution of cellulose boxes/ super double/ metalized and fantasy for confectionary stores in various dimensions, grams and colors
  • Providing and distribution of packaging, different types of aquatic, protein materia

Saeed Kamran


Simin Salver

Manager Internal

Maryam Dehghan

Art director

Mahnaz Yazdanpour


Fatima Zare


Homa Hosni

Social network manager

Mahdia Fakharzadeh

Graphic designer

Forough Haji Azizi

Graphic designer

Negar Meshki

Graphic designer

Masoume Morshidzadeh


Marzia Shaker

Graphic designer

Moin Jafari

Graphic designer

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